Why FootBalance Insoles?

Personalised Foot Analysis

FootBalance 100% Custom Insoles support your feet properly in the neutral position aiding a balanced stance and correct body posture.

The feet act as a platform for your entire body. Often muscles and joint pain in the back, hips, knees and ankles stem from incorrect alignment of the feet. Studies have shown that orthotics help to address the alignment issues behind many injuries. Poorly fitting insoles place your feet in an unhealthy position, impairing foot function and mobility. They are uncomfortable can cause pain and bruising to the arches. Custom moulding is the only way to guarantee a perfect fit.

If you suffer from:

Planter Fasciitis- Achillies Tendonopathy- Painful Feet- Collapsed Arches- Low Back Pain- Shin Splints- Burning sensation under the balls of the feet. FootBalance Insoles are the answer!

30 day 100% Comfort Guarantee. Large range to choose from.

With prices starting At £48 a pair FootBalance offers an affordable solution to the vast majority of the population suffering from painful foot conditions.

Price List

Please book a 30 minute Appointment for fitting the insoles. If you require an assessment a longer appointment will be needed. The digital assessment is free. A 60 min Bio-mechanical assessment is advised for the medical insoles.There is no fitting fee for the medical insole.

Fitting Fee                              £15.00

Sports Dynamic                     £48.00

Leather                                  £68.00

Medicals                                £85.00

Bio-mechanical assessment £35.00